XBOX Design Case

XBOX is a video game console manufactured by Microsoft. XBOX’s design and branding strategy is to change the rules of game and build the trust with gamers.

  • PART1- Experience Retail Store

Furniture Design. New Microsoft LOGO is the design inspiration. XBOX is one of the products of Mircosoft family. Using the same color theme creates  familiar visual and interaction experience that indicates the core branding of MS.

Each furniture modular can be easily combined based on different customer needs. Material is elastic to provide customer a comfortable interaction environment.

Pendant Lamp – X shape again.

Contrast and color variation create a vivid high-impact expression which draws the customer in.




The original logo is three-dimensional. However, it’s a little bit old fashion. With the core and auxiliary patterns being designed, it successfully addressed a simple and clean branding strategy that matches new Metro UI style.

The exclusion zone defines the minimum area of clear space around the logo. It must always be kept free of any type, or graphic elements. This gives the logo its own space.

Typeface: Segue UI. It can be used across platforms and languages. Segue UI comes in range of weights and versions. eg. Segue UI Bold

Core and contextual color is vibrant and neutral.

  • PART3- Label, Flayer, Brochure

Core Colors are energetic. It helps the viewer navigate the content quickly. The background allows large amounts of text and thumbnail content to be viewed in a simple space.

Game Flyer. We use the bright color theme which is more vivid and energetic.

Rebecca Design @ Shanghai


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